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  • Tanghetto plays Prague! 10.10.2015

    “The most seductive electrotango outfit” Los Angeles Times” “(…) distinguished by its singular combination of simplicity, sophistication, sensibility, energy and no prejudice” La Nación (Buenos Aires) The pioneers of electro tango, two-time Gardel Award winners, multi-platinum recording artists and progenitors of the genre neo tango will play for the first time in Prague on October…

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Pramení is a public service organization dedicated to experiential learning, the arts and social justice. We believe self- awareness and development of one’s own potential are essential to civil society.

Pramení promotes creative, intellectual and artistic exploration to deepen connection-to self, to others, to community, and to the environment.  Pramení projects are often collaborative and cross-genre, and aim to encourage dialogue and promote tolerance through diversity.