My Na To Mame/ We’ve Got What It Takes
Inspiration portal for education
Tereza Sosíková- Content and Project Manager
Ivana Beňová- Partners, Outreach and Community Manager
Michal Hron- Developer, Webmaster

Klubík- children’s club for at-risk youth
Rozina Ribeiro Monteiro- Program coordinator
Tamara Kubiková- lector, teaching assistant, assistant coordinator
Patrik Černý- lector, physical ed and program contributor
Kateřina Tyčová- lector, educator,
Adina Bálková- lector, educator

Tango & Performance Arts
We have had incredible teams of co-creators over the years.
Our projects are often co-led and run by an extremely dedicated and creative tribe of volunteers.
Artistic and production direction Jenne Magno with Krystyna Mogilnicka, Šárka Čunderlíková, Ivana Beňová, Tereza Sosíková, Alena Minaříková, Yana Nikolayuk, René-Marie Meignan, Ozgur Arin, Elske Muderman, to name just a few.

Salvátorská 931/8
110 00 Praha 1
IČO: 26704811

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Jenne Magno

Board of Directors
Vladimir Rinco
Gwendolyn Albert
Jan Janda

Anna Vanickova and Jenne Magno (2002)

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