Pramení’s most recent productions are primarily related to Argentine Tango.

Born of the fusion of European and African cultures, Argentine tango has since the 1890s been the “embrace in which people from all classes, backgrounds and cultures meet.” In the last decade tango has swept the globe, uniting a worldwide group of active social dancers from New York to Nuremberg, Shanghai to San Miguel, Jerusalem to Jakarta. Declared a UNESCO world culture heritage in 2009, communities of tangueros can be found even in small towns throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas, and has become the borderless language of a rapidly expanding, mobile and engaged global social culture.

Festival Tango Alchemie –
This festival has brought over 600+ social dancers from 35+ countries to Prague each summer solstice for the last 9 years to celebrate the music, dance and culture of Argentine tango.

The festival is one of the most innovative festivals of its kind, is one of the largest and most beloved in Europe, and has been held under the auspices of the Councilor for Culture of the City of Prague and the Embassy of the Republic of Argentina for the past 7 years.

—Featured Venues:
Clam-Gallas Palace, Troja Chateau, Czech Museum of Music, the New Town Hall, the Marble Hall at Lucerna, the National House in Smíchov, Slovanský dům, Žofín Garden Restaurant and more.

—Featured Orchestras:
Orquesta Color Tango de Roberto Alvarez [AR], Orquesta Tipica de Buenos Aires [AR], Orquesta Tipica Ciudad Biagon [AR], Sexteto Milonguero [AR], Cache Milonguero [AR], Orquesta Tipica Budapest [HU], Sin Rumbo [CR].

—Featured Dancers:
Gaston Torelli [AR], Mariana Dragone [AR], Martin Maldonado [AR], Mauricio Ghella [AR], Ismael Ludman [AR], Maria Mondino [AR], Bruno Tombari [AR], Mariangeles Camannao [AR], Matias Facio [AR], Cristian Duarte [AR], Lilach Mor [Israel], Homer & Cristina Ladas [US], Sharna Fabiano [US], Isaac Oboka [US], Ozgur Arin [TU], Sonja Schussler [DE], Vasco Martins [Portugal], Rita Caldas [Portugal], Sven Elze [DE], Guggi Zuzakova [DE].