Labyrinth of Life

mikael photo essence“Plants are our best teachers.
Trees can teach us what no other master can.
Plants teach us to be in contact with our souls, our spirits.”
~Mikael Zayat

We are deeply honored to have the master alchemist Mikael Zayat return after many years,  to build a living labyrinth out of herbs and plants, and to share his wisdom on essential oils and holistic aromatherapy.

Read more about Mikael in Czech and English here.

APRIL 16 & 17, 2016 — 10:00- 18:00:

Labyrinth of the World & Paradise of the Heart
Join us for two days together in the areal of the forest school ZeMe, as we listern and learn from Mikael about how to connect to the environment around us. We will build the labyrinth and learn to walk it and meet our own essence.
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APRIL 19, 2016 — 17:00- 21:00:

Alchymie esenciálních olejů
Barevný svět, Gorazdova 18, Praha 2
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APRIL 20, 2016 — 17:00- 21:00:

Esenciální oleje a duše rostlin
Barevný svět, Gorazdova 18, Praha 2
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APRIL 22- 24, 2016 — 2 day workshop

Holistická Aromaterapie
Maitrea- reserve a place here.

mikael people walkng the labyrinth

“Education is the positive interaction
of the whole person with the whole environment.
What we have to learn is to learn to be.
When you are struggling with something,
when there is a problem,
it is your inner self that will eventually find the solution.
What I teach is intuition.
There is something much greater that guides us through our lives.”


V dubnu Mikael Zayat, kanadský alchymista syrského původu, výrobce esencí, intuitivní aromaterapeut v Praze!


s Mikaelem si můžete v magazínu Maitrea
Labyrint světa a ráj srdce

víkend 16.-17.4.2016 – Řevnice, lesní školka ZeMě

Alchymie esenciálních olejů

v úterý 19.4.2016,  17- 21h. Barevný svět, Gorazdova 18, Praha 2

Esenciální oleje a duše rostlin
ve středu 20.4.2016,  17 – 21h Barevný svět, Gorazdova 18, Praha 2
Holistická Aromaterapie 


víkendový playshop v Maitrei
Mikaelovy stranky: